Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Hitting A Crafty Brick Wall

Yesterday my crafty cat Roger had to go to the vets for a fairly big OP (he had skin cancer on his nose and a couple of bad teeth). So to take my mind off of things I got started with the first card project I will be making for Little Claire Cards. I am making a Valentines Day card using the "Be Mine Toadstool" digi stamp (which is a great little character stamp) and It was all going well until I started to make the embellishments for it. I made some yellow flowers but they were pants so then I embossed them - pants, so then I made them in green -pants, so then I glittered the yellow ones - pants. It did the job and took my mind off of Rog, but I was out of ideas and it was time to pick Rog up, so I gave in hoping inspiration would come to me in my sleep, or something. Rog came back from the vet and was spaced out and sore, but he was home and safe and can start getting better. Roger has white fur round his nose and on the tips of his ears and this makes him prone to skin cancer in these areas, so if any of you have pets (not just cats) who have white fur on their nose and ears please, please, please put sun block on them when they go out sunbathing.

So today I went back to my unfinished card hoping that if I looked at it for long enough I would know what to do, but no joy, I have to admit I have hit a creative brick wall. I still haven't got a clue how to finish the card but tomorrow I'm going to have another try. I have acquisitioned a pair of photographic lights from my sister today, so when I come to photograph my card (if I do manage to finish it) my picture should be better lit than my past efforts (I have had to use an angle-poise to light my cards and this throws off a yellow light).

So here's hoping I find inspiration and get my card made before the deadline, and if you want to know weather I manage it then look on the Little Claires blog on January 15th.


  1. Allison I'm sorry to hear about poor Rog, he must be feeling very rough. It would be nice to see a photo of him ??

    Regarding your card, sometimes its best to keep a card simple and not over fuss it ( I'm terrible at over fussing !! I don't know the saying "less is more* ) I know it will be lovely whatever you decide to do in the end, but don't stress about it sweetie !!

    hugs Diane xx

    1. Yes you`re right Diane I too find it hard to know when to stop adding things to my cards. I have a while before the deadline though so fingers crossed.
      I never thought to post a picture of Rog, so now I have put a picture of him on the blog doing what he does best - posing.
      love Alli Xx

    2. Oh Allison he's a sweetheart !!

  2. Get well soon Rog! Love the picture! I'm sure your card will be lovely - I find If I'm stuck and I think about it too much I don't get anywhere. It's best to have a break from it and go back to it when you feel fresh! Also I'm sure you've done this but - look on pinterest for inspiration? Best of Luck! xx

  3. Thanks for the advice. Rog sends his love. Xx