Saturday, 13 June 2015

Fathers Day stamp challenge

Hello everyone, today I have a recipe for a Fathers Day card because Little Claire are using "Fathers Day" as the theme for their June stamp challenge. I hope my card inspires you to enter the challenge.

If you do decide to enter you could win this lovely stamp set which would be great for any Dad/man themed card.    

what you will need:
6" x 6" base card
black sugar paper/card
white card to stamp onto
pastel chalks & Cut n Dry
colouring in impliments
black fine tip pen
black Veras Fine ink pad
3" long sentiment
metallic crochet/embroidery cotton
Cut the black sugar paper roughly to the size of the base card and stick onto the base card.
Trim the black sugar paper to size.
Take the bubbles paper from the Magic Mono paper pad and notice that some of the bubbles have what look like eyes and mouths. Using the pastel chalks and the Cut n Dry colour these bubbles in two shades of green.
With the chalks and Cut n Dry colour the rest of the background with two shades of blue.
Draw black dots in the eyes of the green bubbles and a fishey tail at the opposite end from the eye.
One of the fishy bubbles in the right hand corner of the paper will be the feature fish that you attach the fishing line to so just be aware of this.
Ink the image using the Versa Fine ink pad and using tape mask off the puddle at the bottom of the stamp. Put some stamp cleaner onto a cotton bud and carefully remove the ink from the fishing line. Stamp the image onto the white card.
Cut the image to size and colour in.
Mat and layer the image onto the black sugar paper.
Thread the metallic thread through the needle and stick the needle through the topper where the fishing line would have been attached to the rod.
Remove the needle and secure the thread to the back of the topper using tape.
Cut the thread roughly to length allowing extra to secure at the back of the paper (remember too long is better than too short).
Stick the topper onto the coloured fishy paper (remember to keep your feature fish at the bottom right of the paper).
Thread the metallic thread through the needle and stick the needle through the fishes lip.
Stick the thread onto the topper and down to the fish and secure from behind using tape (I stuck the thread by applying PVA glue to my thumb and finger and rolled the thread between them. I cleaned my hands and then held the thread in place till the glue stuck - the less glue you use the quicker it dries).
Stick the paper topper combo to the base card.
Make or stamp the sentiment - I used a pre set sentiment from my graphics program (my graphics program is Craft Artist) and re sized it to 3" from side to side and then I printed it, but if you have a sentiment stamp this would be just as good to use.
Cut the sentiment to size and mat and layer onto black sugar paper.
Stick the sentiment onto the card.


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  2. Thank you "game of thrones" for your comment, I am sorry that I haven't updated this blog as much as I would like to lately but I am in the process of moving house at the moment and so I don't have a lot of spare time, but once I have settled in my new home I hope to be more chatty on the blog. I`m glad that you like the cards I have designed and I hope that you are inspired by them.

    Love Alli Xx

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  6. Thank you for your encouraging comments and I'm glad you found the tutorial helpful. Xx

  7. Thank you for your encouraging comments and I'm glad you found the tutorial helpful. Xx