Saturday, 8 April 2017

I think its time to be messing in the garden

Hello crafters, here is a card I have made for LC Designs (It was meant to feature in the Hochanda TV show that never happened). I think LC Designs are at Ally Pally today so if you are lucky enough to be going please take a look at their beautiful stand and find out from the horses mouth what happened with the Hochanda show.
I used my pastel chalks to make the background colours, I love my pastels but they are old and well used now and I just haven't seen any for sale anywhere so I hope they come back into fashion before mine are all used up.

what was used:
Hobbycraft stamp sentiment
black Versa Fine ink pad
6" x 6" white base card
black card
white card to stamp onto
black fine tip pen
pastel chalks
colouring in implements of your choice (I use water colours)
I stamped the image onto white card and then used low tack masking tape to mask off either side of the image and I also made a paper mask  of the stamped image and secured it over the top of the stamped image on the card. I then used blue, pink and purple pastel chalks to create a background.
The rest of the card is straight forward and you could change the background colours to suit your own needs.
I have been lucky enough to have been on holiday from work for the last week and I cant believe how good the weather has been. I have managed to get a few jobs done in the garden but as always there are still lots more to do and it seems now that the lawn mower is broken and I can hear the grass growing. 
I have been spending my evenings crafting as I have so many projects to make before the end of the month (10 for LC Designs, 3 for Crafters Companion, a special 70th Birthday card for my Stu and a Birthday card for a friend). I saw a teacup made into a pin cushion on Pinterest and thought I could make that (as you do), I thought it would be a good thing to make for the gift stall at the Lincolnshire Trust for Cats open day in September so that's another job I have assigned myself. I think I will be kept quite busy for the rest of this month and I`m just so glad that I have two weeks off work for Easter. Talking of Easter have you seen how some chocolate manufacturers have started calling their Easter eggs chocolate eggs, how ridiculous. I have bought a Malteesers Easter egg which says Malteaster and I think that is rather clever of them.

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