Monday, 13 July 2015

Cute Santa Dinkie

what you will need:
Little Claire Cute Santa Dinkkie Stamp
white card to stamp onto
Versa Fine black ink pad
Collall glue
Tim Holtz Vintage Photo distress ink and Cut n Dry foam
cream/light coloured hessian
scrap of craft card
red twine
jingle bells x 2 - one smaller than the other
colouring in implements
wet glue
whit Fun Flock
Shade the edges of the card using Tim Holts Vintage Photo distress ink and Cut n Dry.
Cut the hessian to size and fray the edges. 
Stick onto the base card at a jaunty angle using the Collall glue.
Using the Little Claire Cute Santa stamp and the Versa Fine ink pad stamp the image onto white card.
Colour the image in.
Cut around the outside of the Santa image.
Apply wet glue (not Collall) to the furry parts of the Santa costume.
Sprinkle over the Fun Flock and shake off the excess.
Allow to dry.
Using the Versa Fine stamp the sentiment onto craft card.
Cut around the sentiment to make a tag (remember to shape the bottom of the tag to line up with the hessian and I rounded the top of the tag). 
Make a hole at the top of the tag for the twine to go through.
Shade the edges of the tag with Tim Holts Vintage Photo distress ink and the Cut n Dry foam.
Cut two pieces of red twine and secure a jingle bell to the end of each piece (I unravelled the twine and slipped the bell on and then re twisted the twine).
Put the twine through the hole in the tag and pull through till the required length is achieved.
Secure the twine at the back of the tag.
Stick the tag into place on the card.
Make a bow with the twine and glue onto the card.
Stick the Cute Santa image onto the card using the Collall glue.


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