Friday, 1 May 2015

Little Claire May Club Stamps - Dancers

The Little Claire May club stamps are a set of four silhouette stamps and here is a card I have made using the Silhouette Dancers stamp. Take a look at the Little Claire website and see the other two stamps in the set and I think you will agree they would be a really usfull set to have in your crafty stash.

what you will need:
Little Claire May club stamp - dancers
white card to stamp the image onto
Black Versa Fine ink pad
6" x 6" white base card
black sugar card
blue paper with black spots
chalks and Cut n Dry
corner die from Tattered Lace magazine issue 12
die cutting machine
1" wide white sheer ribbon
1/4" wide white satin ribbon
1cm multi-faceted round gem
3 pearl gems
really small hole punch
hair spray

Cut the sugar card to mat and layer onto the white base card but do not stick it down.
Cut the blue paper with black dots to around 12.3cm square and stick onto the centre of the black card.
Cut the sheer white ribbon to size and stick into place on the black and blue card.
Cut the satin ribbon to size and stick onto the middle of the sheer ribbon.
Stick this to the base card.

Using the Tattered Lace corner die cut 4 lacy corners from the black sugar card and finish each one off by cutting the corner edges as the die will not cut this part.
Put all 4 die cut corners together to form a lacy square and secure in the middle with a piece of tape.

Using the black Versa Fine ink pad stamp the image of the two dancers onto the white card.
With a piece of Cut n Dry shade the edges of the image using blue chalks till the colour matches the blue of the blue and black dots paper.
Cut the image out and stick onto the centre of the lacy die cut square you previously made.
Stick this topper onto the centre of the card.

If you have a graphics program (I use Serif Craft Artist) type the words Live Life and re size them to measure around 2 1/4" x 1/4" and print the sentiment (The font I used was Amaze regular). If you do not have a graphics program then you could stamp a sentiment of a similar size in the normal way.
Cut the sentiment out and chalk around the edges using the same colours that you used on the image.
Stick the sentiment into position at the top of the card by using foam pads in the centre and glue or double sided tape on the ends to make it raised at the centre.
Punch out 2 small dots using the hole punch and stick into place on the sentiment.

Make a bow using the satin ribbon and stick into place.
Once the bow is secure stick the multi-faceted gem in the centre of it.

Stick the 3 pearl gems near the bottom of the card.

Spray the card with the hair spray to protect the colours.

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