Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Valentines Day

This Saturday is Valentines Day and all thoughts should turn to love and making your own Valentine card (did you hear on the news this week that most shop greetings cards are made of card that comes from wood from the rain forests - nasty), so just in case you forgot here is a really quick and easy card to make for your loved one. I made the card for my friend to give her husband and he is a real bicycle sporty type so I hope he likes it.

What you will need:
base card measuring 10cm x 21cm
good quality print paper - at least 120gsm
graphics programme - Serif Craft Artist
red colouring in pen
clear nail varnish
Download the free digi image of  the bicycle from http://beyondthefringecrafts.blogspot.
In your graphics programme (I use Serif Craft Artist) mark out the size of the card blank - 10cm x 21cm.
Import the bicycle digi stamp and re-size to measure 7cm from wheel to wheel. Flip the image horizontally.
Place the bicycle 21mm from the bottom of the card and the back wheel 1cm in from the left of the card.
Using the shapes tool add a heart and re-size and rotate as desired and place about 22mm down from the top of the card and 1cm in from the left of the card. Using the fill tool select the colour red and colour in. *Copy and paste this heart. Move and re-size to a desired position.* Repeat from * to * once more.
Using the text tool write "the best times" in Tropical Script BTN Bamboo 37.18. Place this text next to the big red heart about 1cm in from the right of the card. Write "are the times" in Tropical Script BTN Bamboo 12.55pt and move to a suitable place. Write "I spend with you" in Tropical Script BTN Bamboo 17.55pt and move into place on the card.
When you are happy with the card composition select all the elements of the card and group together, move to a suitable place on the paper and print (I turned my composition onto its side to print and this meant that I used the print paper more economically).
Add extra colour to the hearts and then apply three coats of clear nail varnish allowing each coat to dry in between.
Draw strings from the balloons to the handle bars.
Cut the card image to measure 93mm x 230mm.
Mat and layer the image onto black paper.
Mat and layer the card topper onto the base card.

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