Saturday, 10 June 2017

A bit of old England

Here is another card which I have made using one of the Creafters Companion "create a card" dies which are such beautiful designs but I think this one is my favourite. They are still featuring on Hochanda today although there have been a lot of sell outs so if you can not find what you want take a look at the Crafters Companion web site.

what was used:
Crafters Companion, Die`sir, Create a Card, Scenic Village dies
Crafters Companion, Floral Delights, Preetty Petals die
Crafters Companion, Die`sire, Create a Card, Beautiful Borders die
Crafters Companion 12" x 12" Shabby Chic paper pad
Joy Crafts leaf die
15cm x 17.5cm off white base card
yellow marl paper
cream linen card
craft card
ream 210gsm print paper
sentiment made using Serif Craft Artist graphics program
Tim Holtz distress inks - vintage photo, broken china, stormy sky, peeled paint
2 x cram mulberry paper flowers
A fairly easy to make card to make, the border frame takes a bit of time to line up and cut out but not at all difficult.
I cut the border frame from the marl paper and then cut the village scene die image into the marl paper. Using the vintage photo distress ink lightly sponge over the die cut.
Cut the scenic village from cram card and then sponge in the clouds. Loosely attach the sky background to the village scene foreground. Stick this topper onto the shabby chic pre coloured paper.
Mat and layer up the card and add embellishments and the sentiment.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Im feeling a bit regal

It`s Friday and the launch day for the dies that I have been featuring all week, and here is a card with a designer look about it. I just love how you can make so many different designs with just one particular die set. Don't forget to tune into Hochanda tonight at 6 to see more amazing ideas from the design team (I`ve seen them and they are mind blowingly good).
what was used:
Crafters Companion, Die`sire, Create a Card, Love is in the Air dies
Crafters Companion, Die`sire, Essentials, Decorative Corners dies
Sheena, Grooving 60s, Crazy Perspective stencil
Crafters Companion, Opulent Flourishes foil transfers
Crafters Companion, Gold Foil
Crafters Companion, Luxury Cardstock - gold pack
Pebeo, Empire Gold gilding wax
Cosmic Shimmer misters - Peaqcock green & antique gold
Tim Holtz crackle medium
black Versa Fine ink pad
gold embossing powder
black card
green card
black & gold thread tissue paper
gold bow
4 x 3mm gold gems
1cm AB dazzler gem
crown card embellishment made with Scan n Cut machine
This is not a difficult card to make but perhaps not for the beginner.
Cut the heart shape from the green card by cutting once and then flipping the die over onto the reverse of the card, matching it up with the already cut out section and then run it through the die cutting machine.
Burnish the side of the heart on the front of the design to smooth down the die cut shape.
Roughly cut out a heart shape larger than the die cut heart and secure it over the die cut shape to form a mask.
Secure the Crazy Perspective stencil onto green card and then spritz with the Peacock green mister and allow to dry. When dry spritz lightly with the antique gold spritzer and allow to dry. When dry carefully remove the stencil and cut to size.
Select a crown from the scan n cut pre installed shapes and cut to required size (if you do not have a scan & cut machine you could find an image of a crown, print it onto card and cut around it).
Paint the crown gold and when dry cover with the Tim Holtz crackle medium and allow to dry.
 When the crackle medium is dry rub over the top of it with a black Versa Fine ink pad to pick out the crackles and rub off the excess with a baby wipe.
The backing paper with the heart die cut is finished off by lightly rubbing on the Empire gold gilding wax.
The sentiment in the centre of the heart is applied to the tissue paper and secured to the back of the heart.
When securing the heart paper to the card it is really important that you get the tissue paper as flat as possible so I used double sided tape and tried to but each strip up to the next so as to not allow any air pockets to form.
Have fun if you try this and remember its only paper.............

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Feeling lovey-dovey

Friday is nearly here and the launch of the "create a card" dies which I have been lucky enough to work with (Friday at 6 on Hochanda). These dies are called feathered friends and here I`ve made an anniversary card.
what was used:
Crafters Companion, Die`sire, Create a Card, Feathered Friends dies
Crafters Companion, Shabby Chic, Vintage Lace Edge die
Crafters Companion, Centura Metallics, Precious Golds cardstock
Blue backing paper (handmade)
pink backing paper (handmade)
19cm x 14.5cm cram base card
cream paper
small heart punch
sentiment made using Serif Craft Artist
Pebio, Empire Gold gilding wax
7mm wide navy blue satin ribbon
1cm dark AB dazzler gem
This is a straight forward card to make however I did use pre made backing papers which are not difficult to make but will have to be made in advance.
The blue backing paper is made by simply spritzing a dark navy blue paper with Cosmic Shimmer and leaving to dry.
The pink backing paper is made by thoroughly wetting (on both sides) a piece of white copy paper, select a couple of Cosmic Shimmer misters in a pale pink and a pale green colour and using a paint brush dab the colour on to the surface of the copy paper, screw the paper up into a tight ball and squeeze out any excess water. Gently unfold the wet paper and allow to dry.
If the paper is too crinkly when dry you can always iron with a cool iron on the reverse.
To make the card easier to make I cut the die cuts separately and put them  together on the card with the ribbon masking the join.
If you are going to make the backing papers it might be as well to batch make a few in different colours, its good fun and well worth the effort.
I have just heard the local weather lady say "if you get any rain today its going to be light" but as I look out of my window its throwing it down so I think she needs to take a look out of her window. R&R are very grumpy with the rain and they seem to think that if they protest loud enough I will flip a switch and make the sunshine come back (if only).
Its election day today and so I will have to make the effort and go to vote. I am more confused than ever now after all the campaigns and debates but my ancestors fought fiercely so women can vote today and I shall not let them down, but I think I may have to take a blindfold and a pin to chose. 

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

A touch of the Orient

I`m here again today with another of the samples that I have made with the Crafters Companion "create a card" dies which are launched on Hochanda on Friday with Leann Chivers. These dies are called scenic village and almost straight away I thought it reminded me of Willow pattern china and that was my inspiration.

what was used:
Crafters Companion, Die`sire, Create a Card, Scenic Village
Crafters Companion, Catitudes, Oriental Additions dies
Crafters Companion, Shabby Chic, Graceful Edge dies
Crafters Companion, Catitudes 8" x 8" paper pad
Crafters Companion, Centura pearl trends cardstock
15cm x 24cm white base card
white card
Tim Holtz distress inks - broken china & mowed lawn
black Versa Fine ink pad
5mm wide green satin ribbon
sentiment made using Serif Craft Artist graphics program
This is not a card for the faint hearted as it requires quite a bit of thought about how to place the dies, this picture does not do it justice as it looks more vibrant in real life.
The card is made of two parts, the back or base card and the top.
The top section of the card was made first with the ornate graceful edge die and edge part of the same die being lined up and placed on white card with enough space in between for the topper and backing paper to sit and then they were cut out and the edges trimmed to size.
The Catitudes backing paper was cut with the graceful edge edge die and then trimmed down to size.
The base card is then made as a simple side fold card which peeps out below the bottom of the top card but does not show above the ornate top of the top card.
I cut a curve at the bottom of the base card (cut whilst the card is folded) to look like screen feet and coloured  it with broken china distress ink.
From here on the card is simple matting and layering and well worth the effort in the end.
The weather has taken a turn for the worse and yesterday we had a months rain in 24 hours. thankfully the rain has stopped now and its just windy so the little birds and bees can get back to finding food again. My chimney was leaking last year because the cowling on top had slipped but eventually it blew off completely and yesterday was a good test of the chimney which now appears to be dry again.
Stuart washed all his shuttle trays and little plant pots that sit in them on Sunday and left them outside to dry but the pots are scattered all over the garden now with the wind and I will have to go and round them up today before they blow away.  
I was working in the cat shop yesterday and thought it would be quiet with the weather being so bad but instead it was very busy and the time just flew by. I`m back in the cat shop today so I hope its busy again as I love to meet and chat to the customers and occasionally put the world to rights.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

I can see beautiful colours

I`m sorry its been a while since I last blogged but I have been doing top secret stuff for Crafters Companion - 15 makes in about 10 days. I was sent three "create a card" dies to play with and this is the first card that I made with them. I don't think I would have bought the dies for myself but now that I have used them and can see how useful they will be I might have to purchase a few more in the range.

what was used: 
Crafters Companion, Die`sire, Create a  Card, Love is in the Air dies
Crafters Companion Happy Birthday dies
Crafters Companion, Centura Pearl white with a hint of silver card
Crafters Companion, Sheena stamping card
blue card
Spectrum Aqua pens - red violet & yellow
Tim Holtz distress oxide ink - faded jeans
15cm x 15cm white base card
small hole punch
ring binder hole punch
small heart punch
5mm wide pink satin ribbon

To make the background paper you need to cut the Sheena stamping card to a manageable size and using the Spectrum Aqua pens colour about 1cm along the bottom of the card with each colour. Turn the card over, take a flat brush and thoroughly wet this side and then turn the card back over and wet the other side whilst dragging the colour along the card (you can add more colour if you feel it is necessary but once the card is wet this is a bit tricky). Allow the card to thoroughly dry.

This ombre card is also used for the 3D pink flowers which come as a separate die and also the small hearts.

Once the heart shape is cut from the Centura pearl card simply sponge the faded jeans distress oxide ink along the edge and allow to dry thoroughly (I heat dried my inked shape with a heat gun as I was told that this would set the distress oxide ink).

I cut away the petals of the flowers that I would be replacing with die cuts.

This is not an easy peasy card to make as the ombre background can be fiddly however now that I have done it on this card I cant stop doing it on other makes - it is very satisfying. You can always use a ready made ombre backing paper if making your own is a bit of a faff.


As I have mentioned I have 15 of these samples to share and my problem now is deciding which ones to chose. I think the dies are launched on Hochanda later this week, probably Friday or Saturday and I can`t wait to see the rest of the dies in this collection.
 As you can imagine I didn`t get much me time last week and it was half term too but I was really glad for that because I certainly needed the time to get my samples completed. My darling cats R&R brought some unwanted guests home (fleas) and with the hot weather we were all scratching in no time. A visit to the vets on Thursday saw the fleas running, or should that be hopping, and the cooler weather now means that our itches are a lot calmer. Of course fleas are a bit of a problem now as they like so many pests are becoming tolerant to pesticides. Its a shame that pests grow tolerant to pesticides whilst our little friends the Bees are being killed off by them. Talking of Bees it seems we have wild bees in the roof and in the electric box outside. I did need to go do a meter reading but decided not to disturb the bees as they do need all the help they can get and I don't think they live that long any way.
I`ll be sharing more of these samples with you this week so I really hope you like them.