Friday, 29 September 2017

Messy work

Hello again my crafty friends (it`s been a while). I was really organised for once and scheduled these cards to be shared with you on the 14th September but then Little Claire put back the launch date and I have been so busy doing secret stuff for Crafters Companion that I haven't had time to do this blog until now.
what was used:
Little Claire stamp set
Crafters Companion, Centura Pearl Trends cardstock
craft card
black card
cream card
Cream base card
Cosmic Shimmer, Emerald Gold watercolour paint
Midnight Gold embossing powder
Versamark ink pad
black Versafine ink pad
Tim Holts distress ink - vintage photo
ribbons & lace
bronze chains & corner embellishments
Collall 3D glue
For the Frame:
grey card
tissue paper
PVA glue
paint brush
ring binder hole punch
pale green paint
Cosmic Shimmer, golden olive metallic gilding polish
Pebio, empire gold gilding wax
Tim Holtz distress inks - rusty hinge, peacock feathers, picked raspberry
black Versafine ink pad
As you can see by the list of ingredients this is not a project for the faint hearted and is more of a mixed media project than a straight forward card. Having said that the technique for making the frame is a great one to learn if you don't mind getting sticky.
To make the frame you need to cut a piece of grey card to 13cm x 12.5cm, then cut an aperture in the centre of the card measuring 9cm x 8cm.
Along the 12.5cm side of the frame make 3 holes with the ring binder punch.
Tear small pieces of tissue paper and screw them up to crease them, glue these pieces onto the frame. You are trying to make texture so don't make the tissue paper too smooth and use quite a lot of glue to thoroughly cover the paper (if the paper becomes too sticky brush on some water). Allow the tissue paper to hang over the edge of the frame as this can be cut off once it is dry. Repeat this process until the frame is covered and allow to dry.
Once the tissue paper is dry trim off the excess from around the sides (you can smooth the edges down using water and a brush). Using water wet the punched holes, push the wooden end of the paint brush into the hole and smooth the tissue paper.
Paint the frame with the pale green paint, apply lots of paint to thoroughly cover the frame and allow to dry.
Using the golden olive gilding polish rub over the frame to highlight the raised areas. Lightly apply the Pebio gilding wax using a finger, once again you are wanting to highlight the raised areas and the edges of the frame. Add colour to the frame by rubbing on the peacock green and picked raspberry distress inks. Finally tone down the whole frame by dabbing a baby wipe onto the black Versafine ink pad and lightly dab/rub over the frame.
So now that the frame is made (and frankly that is the tricky bit) the rest of the card is easy.
The sentiment is made by stamping the words and then cutting around them so that the ends of the banner are 2.5cm and the middle of the banner is 1.5cm, make the banner long enough at either end so that it can be rolled around a cocktail stick to make the desired scroll look.
Tear the banner in a few places to create a warn look and shade the edges using the vintage photo.
The clocks are lightly coloured in the centre using the Emerald gold paint and then bent to a shape and using Collall 3D glue stuck into place.

Whilst it was the school holidays I made good use of my time and decorated the bedroom and the kitchen, when I say decorated I mean painted. Of course it isn't just painting a wall because new curtains and blinds have to be altered but in the end it was worth the effort and looks lovely and cosy. Whilst visiting my step son in the beautiful Forest of Dean he gave me a nursing chair which needed a bit of TLC. That was another project which Stu and I did and now the chair has pride of place in the refurbished bedroom. I am snowed under at the moment with projects for Crafters Companion as they are having a birthday week in October so look out for some fantastic new products from them.